New HTML validation method from GoDaddy (and how to configure using apache)

Not sure who's to blame, but we have a new HTML validation method from GoDaddy. It is an improvement from the "none HTML validation at all" phase they went through, but took me a while to make it work with apache. The problem was the dot/hidden directory they request to put your validation code in: /.well-known/pki-validation/godaddy.html


In my case there were a couple of reasons why this was difficult:

Assisting to Drupalcon Dublin 2016

I had the opportunity to assist to Drupalcon Dublin 2016. Some insights and highlights on sessions I assisted on this Drupalcon.


Dublin is a lovely city, very international and The Convention Centre Dublin was an excellent location. Dries keynote was less enterprise oriented than others and helps to understand where he wants to take Drupal8. The most interesting thing for me is to see how the new life cycle of D8 roll-out is.

AberdeenCloud is gone! We have 36hs to recover your backups!

What's important to learn about the recent AberdeenCloud meltdown? You can not trust your backups and site to a single provider!


Well it is all over the blogosphere, AberdeenCloud breakdown. I already read a couple of articles on the subject and I couldn't agree more with the one from annertech, only way to avoid this kind of issues is offsite backup. I would normally write how to recover from something like this, but sadly as codeenigma explained there isn't much we could do, their servers just collapsed and were gone.

Moving an existing site into Platform.sh

A walk through my first Platform experience with steps on how to avoid problems if you need to upload your local version into it. Lots of hints to get it right the first time!


If you are in a hurry and only need a recipe, please head to the technical part of the article, but I would like to start sharing a bit of my experience first because you might be still deciding if Platform is for you.

I decided to try Platform because a friend of mine needed a site. Do to several reasons I didn't want to host it on my personal server. But I didn't want to run a server for him either. I wanted to forget about maintaining the server, keeping it secure or do upgrades to it.

First DrupalCamp Santiago/Chile

Some notes about my attendance to the first DrupalCamp in Chile


It was a beautiful experience all the way. It was great to get together with people from all across Latin America, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and I must say the location (ECLAC) deserves an important mention. The building architecture is superb, the conference room amazing, and the infrastructure and support was great.

My second Drupalcon: Bogotá 2015!

Thanks to the help I got from the company I work for I had the opportunity to assist to the first DrupalCon on LatinAmerica: Bogotá 2015. I wanted to share the experience with the community.


DrupalCon LatinAmerica: The sessions

Bogotá is a lovely city, but not what you would expect in terms of weather. The city is really hight (over 2000mts) so it has a particular climate. The temperature remains from 10 to 20 Celsius all year long. So it is colder than what you would expect. The DrupalCon is happed on RoyalPark hotel, which is a very big and international like hotel. Security is what you would expect from Colombia, but nothing really alarming. It was lovely to arrive and reconnect with folks I knew from my last Drupalcon Austin.

What will Drupal8 bring?

I've started using Drupal frequently after version 7 was around. So I assumed it was a mature product and was surprised to find some features missing. So I'm really excited about Drupal 8.


I want to leave some comprehensive about this as each time I read about it I get lost in the maze.

RSS, Atom, podcasts... Something more out there?

I love the fact we can get updates, and I would rather get them via RSS... But how many formats do we have?


This is not strictly bind to Drupal, but more a general thing. I did had to get involved due to a Drupal related job.

I have lately been heavily exposed to feeds/syndication protocols pushing the boundaries of what I knew in relation to this subject. There are lots of other news services (facebook, twitter, etc...) but the ones described over here provide a common ground/language that's open to anyone. You'll just need a reader (there are many including Firefox/Thunderbird) and you are set to go.

Drupal new plugin architecture

Assisted to a webminar and I want a single place with the current documented information


Today I assisted a Webminar from CommerceGuys. Drupal 8 will introduce a new architecture that eventually will render current modules obsolete. The initiative seems strong, moving along, has technical reasons behind it, etc... I was relieft to learn current module system will coexist for some time, their plan seems to be a gradual change.


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