How to model your business idea

In 2013 I went into a project competition. I wanted to share the check list I built for going from the idea to the business model. I must say though most of the material is in Spanish.


I must say this is one of those articules that should only be in Spanish. Most of the article makes references to other sources in Spanish and the most interesting thing about it is including the Santiago Bilinkis view about the process, fears & wrong ideas. I don't feel I should translate his articles, so I will only attempt to keep the check list and rough idea of what this article is about in spanish.

How to read the whole history behind Asimov's books

If you read most of Issac Asimov books you'll find most of them contribute to the general story of mankind conquer of the universe


Since I was a child my favorite kind of novels had been science fiction ones, and one of my favorite authors is Issac Asimov. One of the things I like the most about his work is how he built a whole timeline and universe where he tells the history of mandkind and his conquer of the universe. When reading his books this is not obvious, but once you read several of them you'll start to see it.

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