First DrupalCamp Santiago/Chile

DrupalCamp Chile
Some notes about my attendance to the first DrupalCamp in Chile


It was a beautiful experience all the way. It was great to get together with people from all across Latin America, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and I must say the location (ECLAC) deserves an important mention. The building architecture is superb, the conference room amazing, and the infrastructure and support was great.

It was the first time I had the chance to give a couple of talks (Performance & Services) within the Drupal community. I really liked the experience, people seemed to like my talks too, so all good.

Given that it was the first DrupalCamp in Chile the result was superb. Sure there are learnings, there was some minor problems, but overall and keeping in mind the lack of experience I think it couldn't go better. You could see how commited the organizing team was and their hard effort really paid off.

We did a panel at the end about the difficulties to push camps, get good documentation on our languages and doing a summit on Sao Pablo, Brazil. I want to take pick on two of these:

  • Hearing about the experiences on other countries (Costa Rica, Bolivia y Chile) I think the most important thing to have a camp is the will to do it. There is great support from the community which shares their learnings from past experiences, and that definitely makes the effort a bit less demaning and scary.
  • We are all concern about the lack of doucumentation in our languages, and there is only one way to overcome it. We need to get better ourselves on sharing and creating channels to make sharing easier. We already started an effort to create a drupalplanet like RSS feed which will collate spanish & portuguese blog post from the community.

It just ended and I can hardly wait to get together again. Luckly we have internet to keep us together until next event comes along.