Assisting to Drupalcon Dublin 2016

I had the opportunity to assist to Drupalcon Dublin 2016. Some insights and highlights on sessions I assisted on this Drupalcon.


Dublin is a lovely city, very international and The Convention Centre Dublin was an excellent location. Dries keynote was less enterprise oriented than others and helps to understand where he wants to take Drupal8. The most interesting thing for me is to see how the new life cycle of D8 roll-out is.

My second Drupalcon: Bogotá 2015!

Thanks to the help I got from the company I work for I had the opportunity to assist to the first DrupalCon on LatinAmerica: Bogotá 2015. I wanted to share the experience with the community.


DrupalCon LatinAmerica: The sessions

Bogotá is a lovely city, but not what you would expect in terms of weather. The city is really hight (over 2000mts) so it has a particular climate. The temperature remains from 10 to 20 Celsius all year long. So it is colder than what you would expect. The DrupalCon is happed on RoyalPark hotel, which is a very big and international like hotel. Security is what you would expect from Colombia, but nothing really alarming. It was lovely to arrive and reconnect with folks I knew from my last Drupalcon Austin.

RSS, Atom, podcasts... Something more out there?

I love the fact we can get updates, and I would rather get them via RSS... But how many formats do we have?


This is not strictly bind to Drupal, but more a general thing. I did had to get involved due to a Drupal related job.

I have lately been heavily exposed to feeds/syndication protocols pushing the boundaries of what I knew in relation to this subject. There are lots of other news services (facebook, twitter, etc...) but the ones described over here provide a common ground/language that's open to anyone. You'll just need a reader (there are many including Firefox/Thunderbird) and you are set to go.

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