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RSS, Atom, podcasts... Something more out there?

I love the fact we can get updates, and I would rather get them via RSS... But how many formats do we have?


This is not strictly bind to Drupal, but more a general thing. I did had to get involved due to a Drupal related job.

I have lately been heavily exposed to feeds/syndication protocols pushing the boundaries of what I knew in relation to this subject. There are lots of other news services (facebook, twitter, etc...) but the ones described over here provide a common ground/language that's open to anyone. You'll just need a reader (there are many including Firefox/Thunderbird) and you are set to go.

Drupal new plugin architecture

Assisted to a webminar and I want a single place with the current documented information


Today I assisted a Webminar from CommerceGuys. Drupal 8 will introduce a new architecture that eventually will render current modules obsolete. The initiative seems strong, moving along, has technical reasons behind it, etc... I was relieft to learn current module system will coexist for some time, their plan seems to be a gradual change.


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